SB 192/HB 878– Procurement-Commercial Nondiscrimination Policy-Modifications

Sponsored by Senator Joan Carter Conway and Delegate Herman L. Taylor, Jr.

This bill modifies and clarifies provisions of the State’s commercial nondiscrimination policy, which was enacted in 2006.

HB 430- State Procurement Contracts-Living Wage
Sponsored by Delegate Herman L. Taylor, Jr.
Requires State contractors to pay their employees a “living wage.” For fiscal year 2008, the living wage is set at $ 11.30 in Montgomery, Prince George’s, Howard, Anne Arundel and Baltimore Counties and Baltimore City. It is set at $8.50 for all other areas of the State.

SB 488-Voters Registration Protection Act
Sponsored by Senator Gwendolyn Britt
This bill allows an individual convicted of any crime, with the exception of buying or selling votes, to register to vote if not actually serving a court-ordered sentence of imprisonment, including any term of parole or probation, for a felony conviction.

SB 543-2007 Darfur Protection Act-Divestiture from the Republic of Sudan
Sponsored by Senator Verna L. Jones
         This bill requires the Board of Trustees of the State Retirement and Pension System to encourage companies held by actively traded accounts in its portfolio that conduct business in Sudan to act responsibly and avoid actions that promote or enable human rights violations in Sudan. It further authorizes the board to divest from companies that conduct business in Sudan and from any security or instrument issued by Sudan, based on factors outlined in the bill.


SJ 6– Slavery in Maryland
Sponsored by Senator Nathaniel Exum
         This bill requires the state to express regret for the role that Maryland played in instituting and maintaining slavery and for the discrimination that was slavery’s legacy.

HB 988– State Board of Dental Examiners- Restructuring and License Protection-(Governor Veto)
Sponsored by Delegate Shirley Nathan-Pulliam
This bill expands the Health Care Worker Whistleblower Protection Act’s protections by allowing an individual subject to an action to institute a civil action for an alleged violation of the Act. Also, a health occupations board is prohibited from taking or refusing to take any action as reprisal against a licensee or certificate holder who takes certain actions.
         This bill also advances the State Board of Dental Examiners’ termination date by two years. A full evaluation of the board under the Maryland Program Evaluation Act is required by July 1, 2008.

HB 793-Sickle Cell Disease-Adults-Best Practices Treatment and Awareness Act
Sponsored by Delegate Shirley Nathan-Pulliam        
This bill establishes the Statewide Steering Committee on Services for Adults with Sickle Cell Disease. The committee must establish institution and community partnerships; establish a statewide network of stakeholders who care for individuals with sickle cell disease (SCD); develop, implement and lead a State comprehensive education and treatment program for adults with SCD; educate individuals with SCD, the public, and health care providers about the State options for care of SCD; and seek grant funding to develop and establish a case management system for adults with SCD and establish an adult SCD day infusion center.
HB 148– Presidential Elections- Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote
Sponsored by Delegate Shelia Hixson
                  This bill establishes Maryland as a member of the “ Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote,” which Maryland would commit its presidential electors to the national popular vote winner in a presidential election.

The Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland also supported the creation of state debt for funding for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington D.C. $ 500,000 was awarded to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation.