How to Play Rock Paper Scissors

How to play rock paper scissors is not just a question that one has to face. That is how easy it is to learn. And that is the great news about this game. This game will be a fun and simple time for everyone to learn how to play this wonderful game. Things that you

How to clean window ac unit

If you are like most people, you want to know how to clean window ac unit. You want to keep your windows looking like new and prevent many people from using their units and get much more bang for their buck. So what exactly is a window ac unit? A window ac unit is a

A Message From Our Chair

Dear Colleagues and Friends: I would like to welcome you to the installation ceremony for the 2008-2010 Officers of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland, Inc. I am truly humbled to work for this prestigious organization and with my esteemed colleagues as we work together to strengthen our community. The Caucus must strategically position ourselves